BGD. Aave Governance v3 - Activation plan

@bgdlabs is there a way to see how much voting power one has got?
Or would it be able to add this feature on your instance of the interface on
Some people were asking me if their delegation to me was successful and I wasn’t able to see and tell them.

Hello @EzR3aL ,

Yes, as you point out, currently the interface doesn’t give you your “instant” power, will only appear whenever there is a proposal.
However we agree that showing instant is a good addition and we will think a good way of introducing it, thanks for the feedback.

For the time being, you can query getFullVotingPower() on the GovernancePowerStrategy smart contract, that will return you the aggregated voting power you have, from your own balances and delegations received. (getFullPropositionPower() for proposition).

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