BGD. Operational oracles update

As a follow-up update, we will be submitting a governance proposal for the Operational oracles update PT2, which will contain the following:

  1. Update of the stETH feed on Aave v2 Ethereum to a 1:1 value with ETH, representing the “exchange rate” of the stETH rebasing token, following the strategy of pricing LSTs on “primary price”.
  2. Update of the Aave v3 Ethereum, Optimism and Arbitrum CSPA feeds to be composed with wstETH/stETH and ETH/USD internal feeds, removing an intermediate stETH/ETH that was introducing undesired exposure to stETH secondary market price. (props to @Gauntlet for this suggestion on L2s, where the stETH/ETH feed is not available).

Pending for a following update will be applying the same pricing mechanics for wstETH on Aave v3 Polygon, where the wstETH/stETH exchange rate feed is not available yet. We are coordinating with Chainlink to get it live.