BGD. Sigma Prime audit budget extension


Request the community for a budget extension of 162’000 USDT to Sigma Prime, for security reviews of Aave Governance V3 and a.DI (completion of both after fixes), and the GHO Stability Module (GSM).

Context. Why the extension?

End of July, the continuous engagement of Sigma Prime <> Aave came to an end, after a quite productive year of collaboration.

From the BGD side, all the necessary projects have been finished apart from a re-review of Aave Governance v3 and a.DI, after the procedures of Certora.

On the GHO side (@AaveCompanies ), the GSM project will be pretty soon ready for review, which will require security review resources.

Even if in the next few days we plan to publish a more comprehensive security plan for the following months, we think that security procedures should not halt, and having somebody familiar with both Aave Governance v3/a.DI and GHO codebases is a must: so SigmaPrime is a clear choice.

The total estimated person-days is 30, and the rate is the same as on the previous yearly engagement. If some of those person-days would not be allocated, the extra funds will be returned by SigmaPrime to the Aave Ethereum Collector.

Next steps

Given the operational nature of this proposal, in parallel with this post, we will publish an ARFC Snapshot vote for the community to signal.

Afterward (if positive Snapshot), SigmaPrime will publish an on-chain AIP to claim the 162’000 USDT from the Aave Ethereum Collector.


The ACI doctrine is to consider the money spent on safety money well spent.

the budget extension is reasonable and SigmaPrime has an history of successful synergies with Aave.

ACI is supportive of this proposal.


Following the plan, we have published the ARFC Snapshot vote.

Voting will start in ~24, and last for 3 days. Participate :ghost: