BGD. Technical maintenance proposals

Sync emergency admin on deprecated v2 AMM


This proposal aligns the emergency admin address on the deprecated Aave v2 AMM pool with the one of Aave v2 and v3 Ethereum.


During an internal security review procedure of Aave, we detected that the emergency admin on Aave v2 AMM is a legacy address, not aligned with the Aave Guardian.

Even if the v2 AMM pool is deprecated (frozen) and almost off-boarded, for hygiene we think it is appropriate to have consistency on all Aave instances in the same network, and simpler for operations.


Upon execution, the proposal will call setEmergencyAdmin(0xCA76Ebd8617a03126B6FB84F9b1c1A0fB71C2633) on the addresses provider contract of v2 AMM, passing the address of the Aave Ethereum Guardian.