Biweekly Aave Governance Calls

Hello Aave community,

For the past nine months, Boardroom has contributed to Aave with weekly governance recaps (Governance Weekly Recap - #45 by duncand) that provide the community quick and easy summaries of what’s going on in Aave governance. As an extension of our activity in the Aave community, we wanted to gauge interest in Boardroom beginning to host a biweekly governance call.

The objective for these calls would be to provide an open forum for stakeholders and new participants to engage with each other on governance-related topics, such as live and upcoming proposals, delegate initiatives, meta-governance discussions (i.e. what is and isn’t working in Aave’s governance process), and Aave’s longer-term governance development.

A potential agenda for our first call:

  • The state of delegate initiatives, e.g. the gas rebate proposal, the Delegate Code of Conduct, Butter’s incentivized delegate campaign and the ACI’s Orbit, etc.
  • Reflections on the new Risk Steward process
  • Recent proposals and discussions of interest

These calls would also create a venue for members of the DAO to get live feedback on governance-related ideas or to present an analysis of grants or experiments (e.g. the incentivized delegate campaign).

While we share the interest of others in minimizing governance overhead, we’ve seen such calls prove productive in other DAOs and, as a neutral third party with broad governance experience, we feel equipped to lead this initiative for Aave.

We invite the community to share thoughts on this idea.


We are very supportive of this initiative and would gladly participate in as many calls as possible. We would also welcome recording them for participants that are not able to join and can always check back later.

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Hey Boardroom – thanks for jumping in.

The Weekly Recaps thus far have been great and informative.

Not sure if you saw but a similar initiative is included in the scope of our Aave | Flipside proposal:

While the cadence may be different (and the stakeholders), we endorse the need and importance of aligning the community across regularly scheduled community-wide calls.

When this proposal passes, we’d love to help support this initiative. No need for two separate calls.

Happy to discuss more on how we may collaborate.


I’m in touch with a few AAVE holders on Telegram, they’d all love to take part in these community calls

Feels like there’s a real demand for it

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Thank you, @fig. We’re certainly aligned on the goals outlined in your proposal and would be happy to collaborate on this and other governance initiatives. We recently received a grant to do similar work but it hasn’t been announced yet. Our two teams working together would be very beneficial to Aave.


Great to hear this feedback @0xkeyrock.eth and @Tor_GAINS, we’ll circle back soon with another reply outlining possible next steps and timeline.

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Thank you @boardroom I support this initiative and glad to see you working with @Flipside on this

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