[TEMP-CHECK] Trialling Aave Governance Calls

Simple Summary

This proposal introduces the concept of an ‘Aave Governance Call’ to the Aave Community. The purpose of this call is to engage the community in discussions regarding Aave Governance Proposals and related subjects. These calls will serve as a direct channel for proposal authors to engage with the Aave Community through Discord. The aim is to foster seamless communication and active participation within the community.


In terms of active community engagement, the Aave DAO has in recent times lacked a Governance Call where members of the Aave Community come together to discuss proposals in depth. This kind of discourse is a valuable addition to improving the quality of DAO governance in Aave.


  • @Kene_StableLab will help facilitate these calls but will gladly welcome any additional member of the community who wishes to contribute.
  • We propose for these calls to be hosted biweekly on Fridays at 3PM EST, it is important to note that this time is not set in stone, and we welcome suggestions from the community.
  • Before every call, an agenda for the call will be posted on the forum.
  • These calls will be hosted in a dedicated voice channel on the Aave Discord.
  • These calls will also be recorded and uploaded on a dedicated YouTube Channel managed by the Aave Social Media Team.


  • We propose running these Governance Calls for two quarters, after which the DAO will have the opportunity to re-assess the utility of these calls.
  • There is no budget requested for running this trial run of the Aave Governance Call.

Next Steps

We will run a forum poll to gauge community sentiment regarding this Aave Governance program at Aave DAO.

Should the Aave DAO host Aave Governance Calls?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
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StableLab is not presenting this TEMP-CHECK on behalf of any third party.


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Hello @Kene_StableLab,

We’re supportive of engaging with this. 3PM EST is only accommodating for US timezones, we suggest that is in the AM EST.
We could do a rotation between one week having US & EU Timezone and the next week being APAC time-based.

Additionally, we believe something could be organised to fuel more awareness on what he DAO has been working on such as a Monthly recap Twitter(X) space. Getting the audiences attention there should enable more governance participation from other holders.


Thanks for this initiaitve @Kene_StableLab I am in favor of this proposal.

Instead of mandating a time, maybe folks can add their general availability on this lettuce LettuceMeet - Easy Group Scheduling and we can find a slot that fits most participants?


I see your perspective on shuffling the times, between timezones, I will explore how to make that work.

Leveraging Lettuce Meet should be beneficial as well.


Thank you @0xkeyrock.eth for adding your avalibility. I’d urge other major delegates @Kene_StableLab @MarcZeller @WintermuteGovernance @lbsblockchain @HKUST_EPI_BLOCKCHAIN @Michigan_Blockchain @TokenLogic etc to add their availability

I’d be curious to hear @boardroom’s perspective on this topic.

AFAIK they we’re awarded a grant to coordinate and do such thing.

I’ve put in some time.

Agree with Keyrock that a rotation might be necessary. In general, I’ll only really be able to make calls that work around the APAC timezone.

Thanks - Callen

Looks like there is a sweet spot on Wednesdays between 11 - 14 UTC

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