Centrifuge Credit Group

Hey Aave community! We’re excited to share some news from our community.

After a lot of work behind the scenes, the Credit Group has just launched within the Centrifuge DAO. The Credit Group is a DAO resource who will provide risk and credit analysis for Centrifuge pools. The intention of this group is not to act as an individual decision maker, but enhance governance processes with critical knowledge and information needed to make effective decisions. This is similar (and inspired by) the role of risk analysis contributors like Chaos Labs and Gauntlet in Aave today.

The resources of the Credit Group are seasoned credit experts with specializations across many asset classes. In our recently revamped Pool Onboarding Process, the Credit Group will provide the Centrifuge community and our partners with unbiased and objective reviews of pool onboarding proposals. Additionally, they will support the community with further insight around the setup, assets, and risks of proposed new and existing pools.

With Aave v3 officially launching, we’re looking forward to the upcoming launch of GHO. RWAs are continuing to show promise in this bear market and we believe they will be a big part of Aave’s future. Our vision is to be a scalable RWA facilitator for GHO that can integrate with Aave governance and the Aave community - and the Credit Group will be a critical piece of that puzzle.

Come attend our community call on February 16th, meet the members of the Credit Group for yourselves and ask them anything. Share your thoughts, questions, concerns, and get involved in our governance today!