Community Guardian renewal

Community Guardian renewal

The Aave V3 markets with the exception of the Polygon market are currently operated by a community guardian 6/10 multisig composed of members of the DeFi community.

The community guardian is a temporary tool to allow V3 markets to be upgraded following governance votes on Snapshot while an on-chain cross-chain governance module is implemented.

With numerous upgrades and assets onboarding upcoming in the Aave ecosystem, a slight renewal of the multisig signer might prove itself beneficial for Aave. the objectives of this renewal are:

  • Onboard BGD Labs for technical support on transaction building
  • Reduce delays between Snapshot votes and executions of governance decisions.

To reach these goals the new proposed community guardian is as follows:


  • Ernesto Boado (BGD Labs)
  • Matthew Graham (Governance House)
  • Marc Zeller (Aave Companies)
  • Fernando Martinelli (Balancer Labs)


  • Coderdan (Aavegotchi)
  • Corbin Page (ConsenSys Codefi, Aave Grants DAO)
  • Gavi Galloway (Standard Crypto)
  • Meltem Demirors (Coinshares)
  • Hilmar Maximilian Orth (Gelato)
  • 0xmaki


  • Isa Kivlighan (Aave community, previously head of marketing on Aave Genesis team)
  • Imran Khan (DeFi Alliance, Aave Grants DAO)
  • Arthur0x (DeFiance Capital)
  • Dennison Bertram (Tally)

This renewal of the Community Guardian signers, if met with governance approval, will contribute to Aave upgrades with less inertia.

The community Guardian is still considered a temporary solution, and its responsibilities will be progressively reduced. First, the existing cross-chain governance solution will be applied to Arbitrum & Optimism. In parallel, BGD Labs is working on a more generalized solution that will apply to all the networks, if approved by the community via AIP vote.

The consequence of the governance V3 implementation will limit the Guardian’s responsibilities to a failsafe emergency actor allowed to freeze Aave markets or cancel AIPs if they’re deemed insecure or malicious.

A snapshot vote will be published 5 days after the publication of this thread allowing the community to vote on this Guardian renewal.


Thank you, Marc, for this update to the community guardian. I have enjoyed working closely with Ernesto and the Aave team to get upgrades implemented and help set up and initialize new multi-sigs for new assets, and am looking forward to continuing in this role. I encourage all Aave community members to approve this renewal so we can continue to implement governance promptly and effectively as instructed by the Aave community! I will also continue to post memes in the community guardian group chat, which is not part of the role but I believe adds immeasurable value to the Aave community and its humble stewards :star_struck:


I Can confirm that I’m able to join from the BGD Labs side, for the technical aspects of creating the transactions pre-approved by the Aave community.

As @MarcZeller comments, the community is close to a stage of reducing the Guardian role to only a layer of protection against malicious proposals. But given the technical limitations of cross-chain communication, this will still happen progressively during probably the 1-3 months.
Because of that, it is natural for the volunteering members of the Guardian to have technical support from the BGD Labs side, ensuring that the transactions submitted represent exactly the decisions of the Aave governance.


Honored and humbled to continue serving the Aave community as a Guardian as well as contributing to Aave Grants! :pray::ghost:

I believe this community is foundational to DeFi, DAOs, and all of Web3 and will continue to do my small part if you’ll have me. And I promise to be a fairly quick multisig signer and will sanity check the tx every time. :saluting_face:


I’m also honored to be part of the Guardian. I can probably speak on behalf of the whole Balancer community that we are Aave fans and will do whatever we can to be helpful!


This is amazing privileged to be mentioned in the same circle as the names on this proposal. :ghost:

I am very honoured and humbled to serve the community as a Guardian. Thank you for the opportunity. I am a huge Aave bull/fan and really enjoy contributing to the community. :pray:

Fantastic to see @eboado and the team at @bgdlabs providing technical support. That is a big benefit to the signers. I commit to timely sanity checks and signing transactions on the multi-sig. :handshake:


More than happy to continue representing Standard Crypto to the Aave community as part of the Guardian multisig


Looking forward to seeing new guardians onboarding. We believe that human engagement is required in the early stage of achieving full automation. Also, the community guardians is considered a temporary solution. Therefore, we believe that it is acceptable, for early stage, to have some kind of human activity.

Again, looking forward to see you all joining.


Seems like a qualified crew - working with many of these folks in the past.

If a future need arises, I would be happy to invest time towards signing and protecting the V3 markets.


a snapshot vote for this proposal has been created, voting starts tomorrow.