Cream.Finance help!

Hey guys, long term holder since Ethlend… I have simply gone to sleep and woken up to Cream finance “pausing” their Lend market on their platform, and im stuck with 8600 lend in there with no liquidity left? They say they have confirmed with us there is no decided migration end date yet, but the protocol shouldn’t leave funds not paid, and regardless obviously I voted for this migration. But not at the expense of falling asleep and losing most of my life savings… can they migrate the LEND pool straight to AAVE? please help… ???

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Hey! There is no decided migration deadline as suggested if you’re referring to the LEND<>AAVE migration. You’re actually in the perfect place to follow it in the event a deadline is voted on, there’s a thread about it going on here: Migration Deadline

As for Cream Finance pausing their LEND market, this is something I would think you would have to reach out to them about. Aave doesn’t have any control or say in how LEND or AAVE is used in their project, so if they are preventing you from withdrawing I would definitely get in touch with them.

I am going to lock this thread as it doesn’t seem directly related to protocol risk, or something the governance is involved in, but rather a user-focused issue. However you can always get support from the Aave Discord (, the live chat directly on the website, or by e-mailing - otherwise just shoot me a DM and I’m also happy to help!

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