Save the Lend tokens that are stucked in the Lend contract

Hello, Aave community!

Around 2.5 years ago I have unfortunatly sent some big amount of Lend tokens to the
Lend contract address. It was my fault of course and I absolutely accept that, but the thought of maybe
one day returning the tokens stayed.

I understand that there was nothing Aave team could have done since the Lend contract
didn’t have the technical possibility to send the tokens back (the bounce function I believe),
but right now, while the migration is in the process maybe the team could think of
a way to reimburse the tokens back to the owners accounts in a form of Aave, as if they were swapped.

Since the tokens are lost in the contract forever but are still
the part of the circulation supply there would be no harm in returning them back
in accordance to the Lend > Aave swap rules. The contract itself holds around 839 863 lend.

So if the tech team could consider something - it would be wonderful and much appreciated!

Thanks in advance and best regards! :grinning:


I’m in support of rescuing the funds.

Nobody should be financially punished for making a simple mistake, would love to see those in this same position get made whole again now that such a thing is technically possible.


Thank You very much for your support :)

Yes ideally would be good to rescue those funds (and others as well) on the LEND contract and AAVE contract as well. For AAVE contract it’s important to add the bounce back feature to avoid these kind of issues in the future.


Would it be possible to have a claim period for the users who sent the funds and if some funds aren’t claimed after some time (quite a while) they are migrated and staked in the safety module?

Hey there, I don’t see why not. Anything that would make the process more secure is good I think. But I quess You would have to discuss it with the tech team!

Definitely in favor of rescuing the funds.

quise migrar mis token LEND de Binance a AAVE de binance pero los mande a esta direccion y ahora no los tengo en Binance, ni tampoco en mi wallet, espero puedan ayudarme a recuperarlo.

As a DAO planning to onboard people that are likely new to ethereum, we need to set up fail-safes to prevent this and similar events from happening. Crypto has a bad rep specifically because of the possibility to lose funds like this, which is avoidable with CeFi.

In order to close that gap, we need to take action to remedy and prevent problems like this!

Absolutely agree, #SaveTheLEND #SaveTheAAVE

Also didn’t someone casually lose a million bucks worth of AAVE like this?


Hello Zer0dot! I totally agree with you, also in regard to the AAVE contract
. So, in my last correspondence with the team, i formulated the following:

  1. Save the LEND tokens from the old contract
  2. Save the AAVE tokens from the contract
  3. Add the bounce function so it would become impossilbe to send any funds to the contract address

Cheers :grinning:

Hello there! It seems that you have accedantly sent your LEND tokens to the AAVE contract address, lets hope we will have an AIP regarding this and similar issues so the funds would be rescued