Deploy Aave to Kava


Kava is a lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain featuring a developer-optimized co-chain architecture that combines the two most used permissionless ecosystems - Ethereum and Cosmos - into a single, scalable, network. Kava EVM mainnet will launch on May 25th, soon after that, its EVM bridge will come online that allows Ethereum protocols to be available on Kava and the Cosmos ecosystem.

Kava is a IBC-enabled blockchain. In May the Kava team will launch the EVM compatible blockchain, utilizing the same validators as the IBC-enabled chain. As a part of this EVM-compatible chain, Kava has two programs to incentivize protocol deployments. Aave stands to gain from a deployment by acquiring:

  • Our pro-rata share of 100k Kava incentives if Aave deploys before mainnet launch as a part of Kava’s Pioneer Program, and
  • Our pro-rata share of the $750m developer fund paid out to the top 100 protocols by TVL over 4 years as a part of the Kava Rise program.

Vote to deploy Aave on Kava’s EVM-compatible testnnet and mainnet.

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Kava’s TVL looks decent (currently about $260M US according to DefiLlama) and I am not against its integration with AAVE, however, I think it’d be nice to wait several weeks/months to see the traction and the safety of this new EVM-compatible chain (that isn’t even launched at this time)