Deploy Aave v3 on the Kava Network

Deploy Aave V3 onto Kava

Kava proposes deploying Aave v3 on the Kava Network to earn the lions share of programatic developer incentives and establish itself as the #1 cross-chain lending protocol throughout the Cosmos/IBC ecosystem.


Kava will help drive value to the Aave token and its users by extending lending market distribution to all major Cosmos blockchains and fueling growth with Kava’s $750M Kava Rise developer incentive which Aave should take a significant portion of with it’s usage.


Kava’s mainnet has been live since early 2018 with no downtime or exploits, demonstrating proven resiliency and scalability via its native suite of top-tier DeFi products. In that time, Kava has onboarded 1.9M+ unique addresses and processed more than $2B in cross-chain transactions without issue.

The Kava Network has built on that foundation by merging the industry’s two most used permissionless ecosystems — Ethereum and Cosmos — in a single, developer-optimized Layer-1 network. Kava implements a unique co-chain architecture (like Avalanche c-chains) that allows for seamless interoperability between the two environments.

EDIT: 2022-06-28

Kava’s Ethereum co-chain has successfully launched and the massive $750M Kava Rise developer incentive program is now LIVE.

50+ Ethereum DeFi protocols like SushiSwap are now onboarding. This is an exciting opportunity for Aave v3 to deploy onto Cosmos ecosystem and get a first mover advantage in:

1.) TVL based programmatic incentives that will drive value to the AAVE token
2.) Open Aave markets to all major Cosmos assets (ATOM, CRO, OSMO, etc) cementing Aave as the #1 cross-chain lending facility.

Kava is the most actively used and trusted network to integrate EVM support with the Cosmos SDK and IBC. Kava represents a proven entry point for Aave v3 to the Cosmos ecosystem and its users. Aave v3 launching on Kava gives Aave users access not only to Ethereum assets, but Cosmos and Binance Chain assets including.

The $KAVA token is listed on Binance, Kraken, Huobi Global, Upbit, and nearly every other major global exchange and wallet with strong liquidity and use in every major region in the world.


With the Kava Rise Program, the Kava Network is implementing a unique and transparent on-chain incentive model for developers and ecosystem projects. The Kava Rise program will programmatically distribute $750M in Kava over 4 years to projects based on TVL.

The groundwork has already been set, all that’s left is for Aave v3 to deploy onto Kava and start earning programmatic rewards every month which will accrue value to the Aave holder and user.

Kava and Aave are aligned in together bringing Aave to Kava’s co-chain ecosystem and the Cosmos ecosystem broadly, with the goal of cementing Aave as the lending protocol of choice across the Cosmos and driving value to the Aave community for years to come.

Kava community statistics:

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Aave V3 deployment onto the Kava Network enables Aave pools Day 1 to have access to the following underserved markets with a combined $150B+ marketcap:

and many more…


It would be amazing to see Aave running on the cosmos ecosystem, so nuch great assets that are not available in any other DeFi like Atom, Luna and many more…


Would be in favour if the Kava community wouldn’t simply spam this thread but deliver good arguments for a deployment there. Its getting quite out of control…

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arguments will be started when core community members come here, they are really talkative : ))

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The team at validator Blocks United is 100% behind this.