Developer Grants Using Credit Delegation 1

an idea…

generate funding for developers using credit delegation

  1. donations get deposited into the fund pool to be used as collateral on aave protocol
  2. developers are funded with credit being delegated to them from the fund pool
  3. donors receive higher interest rates than regular pools for providing fund liquidity
  4. credit delegation grants are paid off with new incoming donations

looking forward to hearing from you all

please do leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions :grinning:



would love to hear your thoughts on this @defidude

@stani - would love to hear your thoughts - especially after that tweet you made just now

This is a good idea @shane, it could also be turned into a charity type project to raise funds for certain causes. :slight_smile:

The current grants program will be re-worked soon so i’ll post here for feedback when it’s in draft form.

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Awesome @daveytea, looking forward to it :slight_smile: