Donation from the Aave protocol treasury to support people in Ukraine

I voted no in this proposal. A more general proposal e.g. to donate a % of income per year to ngos (humanitarian / ecologic) would have my full support.

Ukraine has my sympathie and personally I welcome donating money.
That said there are unlimited causes one could want to donate money to. Event driven donation would probably deplete the treasury quite fast & is not sustainable. Picking ukraine as a unique donation cause seems wrong to me. Also it’s questionable if the money could be put to use/ be taken out before the war has ended in whatever manifestation.

I voted No, i think majority of AAVE holders want to donate money directly to the PEOPLE, government and NGOs are not trustable nowadays.

Hello everyone.

The proposal on Snapshot has finished with the No to the donation supported by a majority, both in voting power - NO 58k/ YES 1.1k - and count of votes - of a total of 44 over 1 AAVE, 33 NO/ 11 YES -.

The community has decided to remain neutral and not do any donation, but the participation has been good and the arguments reasonable; so be it.

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This is super interesting, @ghostsethos thanks for the update.

While the Snapshot did not pass, it is inspiring to see the community’s willingness to leverage decentralized finance to better the real world. This has always been the goal.

$1,000,000 is a lot of money. And this is a precarious geopolitical event, especially with Aave being an international organization.

However working through and iterating on how we can best support those in need is empowering - and exciting.

Would love to use this as a learning opportunity for the future. An example could be quickly adding support for regional assets i.e. agEUR. While this is not the case, it would allow users in the area to further leverage their assets and gain liquidity - avoiding the horrors of a bank run or fiat insolvency.

Doing so would benefit both Aave in terms of protocol revenue and users versatility.

1 Like I think things like this are a much more effective and neutral way for protocols to help Ukraine. Empowering the broader community to support their favorite causes should be one of the core principle of the decentralized movement. Not having governance intervene directly in world affairs, but instead providing the infrastructure and support to empower the general user. Just my two wei.

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