[Delegation Pitch] Towards the Future of Aave

Hey everyone!

Recently, Aave’s V2 governance went live, and I’m more than excited to see the protocol grow. We’ve got lots to do, ranging from adding new tokens like CRV into current markets to creating entirely new additional markets (cough UNI-V2 cough)!

On that note, I wanted to write a short post describing just how important it is for anyone and everyone with an interest in Aave to participate in governance.

Aave is currently shaping up to be the leading money market protocol in DeFi. This is great… But broaden your horizon! I wager that one day, “decentralized finance” will become just “finance,” and when that day comes, I want to see Aave lead the charge.

If you want to see that vision come to fruition too, cast your votes!

Whether or not you decide to delegate to someone or to vote for yourself, you’re now responsible for what could potentially be one of the greatest financial revolutions in modern history… Don’t stay on the sidelines!

Alright, with that out of the way, I wanted to let you all know that I’m running as a delegate for Aave. I’m not a financial expert or a core developer, I’m just a regular person that believes in the protocol, and I want to do my part.

Every single one of my decisions will be aligned with the following principles:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Security
  3. Long-Term Vision
  4. Proper Risk Management
  5. Bridging TradFi
  6. Funding Innovation
  7. Rewarding Stakers
  8. User Experience
  9. Transparency
  10. Communication

I go into each and every one of these more in depth in my medium article, which is also where you’ll find the delegation address!

My goal is to allow as much thoughtful open discourse as possible. Everyone has a voice and should be heard. Delegating to me is delegating to my principles.

Moving forward, I’d like to focus our attention on two specific proposals that I believe will set an important precedent:

  1. Implementing a UNI-V2 liquidity pool token market
  2. Rescuing the AAVE and LEND locked in their respective contracts

The first transitions Aave from a regular lending product to a full-fledged multi-market lending protocol; the second shows that we, as a DAO, can mobilize for a good cause.

In closing, I fundamentally believe that Aave and DeFi as a whole can really revolutionize finance as we know it, and I absolutely can’t wait!

P.S. For a more in-depth pitch and the delegation address, see the medium article.