FOIA Request: rAAVE Istanbul

So, sorry for daring to ask and potentially disturb the peace of what might be a cabal of successful event organizers farming geek belonging instincts. Clearly, I am not cool to the degree that the GHOpass might have been the most expensive ticket I ever bought. I of course did not get in after waiting for hours in a queue. And of course, expecting to actually get in, ticket and all, since I, again, am not cool and also from a small village.

So, clearly, the uncool mind cannot comprehend the rAAVE experience.
But it can ask uncool questions.

  • Who organizes rAAVE?
  • Were GHOpasses advertised as objects that grant passage for rAAVE Istanbul (“the event”)?
  • How many event tickets were issued?
  • How many tickets were paid for by their recipients?
  • What was the capacity of the venue?
  • What was the percentage of tickets that have fulfilled their destiny of granting access to the event?
  • What percentage of tickets granted access to less than half of the event?
  • If I did not gain entry, having a ticket and waiting in line for more than half of the duration of the event; am I entitled to a refund due to a failure of the organizer to deliver on their promise?
  • Given the answer to the previous question is probably no; where exactly is the line here between a well intended and competent organizing team and a group running a grift? The venue capacity - ticket holders ratio is not hard to compute, yet it seems it never does so on such events.

Since I am posting this on an AAVE forum I assume all such information was already published somewhere. (Crypto values, yay!) So please someone grace me with the linked location in question.

My queue acquaitances (great networking event) will be, as I am, proud to find out I followed through, if not with a revolution, at least with some low quality questions about how it came to be for our place that night to be outside, in the rain, bagholding hard to get passes.

Now, I do not expect to actually get any answers, but like, I don’t know, I just find this kind of, it being planned geek farming or incompetence really hard to excuse. It’s really f* disgusting actually.

Thank you for the bandwidth.

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Hi Parseb,

We apologize that your experience was not as you hoped. It was intended that GHO Pass holders would have a special entrance into rAAVE Istanbul for a shorter queue however, last minute venue restrictions prevented us from providing this. Our team did their best to go through the queue and identify all GHO Pass holders at various times so they could be brought to the front and fast tracked into the event - most did but some chose to stay in line with their friends. We also marked all GHO Passport tickets separately so the door would know how to accurately identify holders. GHO Passport holders were also given a special wristband so they could enjoy the GHO bar and upstairs area. After we reached capacity at the venue, we were legally prevented from allowing anyone else in. We’re taking feedback to improve the GHO Passport experience for future events and have taken yours into consideration internally.

GHO Passport was not limited to a rAAVE ticket, but also exclusive merch and a soulbound NFT. We always encourage our community to arrive early to rAAVEs as they are a popular event for our community. In order to properly investigate what happened here, please email us your rAAVE ticket so we can see if there were any technical errors in checking you in. If you have any other issues please reach us directly

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None of that happened.
None of that was communicated.
None of my questions were answered.

Hi Parseb,

We communicated to GHO Passport holders days before rAAVE Istanbul by both email & Telegram (based on what you put into the GHO Passport form), providing a direct line of communication to our team. We are unable to investigate this further unless you can provide us your rAAVE ticket. Please email it to if you would like us to continue looking into this.

Thank you.

The entirety of communications to GHO pass holders.


  • Eventbrite ticket (no extra info)

Why is it a secret as to what was the capacity of the venue and how many passes and tickets were issued?

Hello, not answering on behalf of Avara here but looking onchain:

Each GHO pass was configured to directly fund the Aave DAO collector contract: 0x464C71f6c2F760DdA6093dCB91C24c39e5d6e18c

you can see an example of someone buying a GHO pass here: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

there are 299 Holders of a GHO Pass, so we can conclude the DAO “made” 29.9k GHO for the sale of the GHO pass:

that seems to match what is seen in the collector inbound ERC-20 flows for GHO:

obviously, that’s WAY less than the attributed 550k GHO budget, but marketing events are not meant to be financially profitable in any way, they’re meant to contribute to the DAO brand.

that’s what the chains say. Don’t trust, verify!

For the rest, no one from the @ACI was in Istanbul so I’m unable to have an opinion on the raave. Social media seems to praise the event with some comments about it being overcrowded but I guess that’s a good problem to have if everyone wants to join Aave DAO’s events.


It’s a good problem to have if you don’t pay for it.
If you sell a product and don’t deliver that should be a problem.

The chain was not used to issue tickets. That’s where the problem starts.
If blockchain projects used the blockchain for tickets we would be in a totally different place as an industry.

Even better - use MATT auctions. Hell, I will code it myself for free.

But the thing here is that transparency is bad for control over a sought after cultural commodity. That is why no numbers were provided and instead I’ve been gaslit about doxxing my wallet for information that adds nothing to answering the questions.