Fringe Finance marketing

My name is Enrique and I’m from the marketing team at Fringe Finance.

  1. Fringe will list the AAVE token on the Fringe Finance Lending Platform. As it is a DeFi protocol, there are no listing fees, we just want AAVE Protocol to help us share this information with their community if possible. Who is the best person on your to discuss the integration and co-marketing?

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Hello, Greetings!

Fringe is pleased to announce that it will be integrating the AAVE token into its Lending Platform.

Fringe Finance (ex-Bonded Finance) is DeFi lending/borrowing protocol started in 2020.

We’re about to launch V2 of the platform that will have AAVE token as both a capital and collateral asset on ETHEREUM.

:small_blue_diamond:Additional token utility - lending, borrowing, margin trading
:small_blue_diamond:Incentivizes holding
:small_blue_diamond:The opportunity for treasury capital management

:zap: Integration Announcement
:zap: Spotlight podcast/Twitter space
:zap: Community engagement

DeFi is a great achievement for humanity, we count on your collaboration. Fringe Finance DeFi For Everyone