Gauntlet is leaving Aave

Please see the active discussion about the risk steward transition and our intent to cancel the stream and pay back the insolvency refund pro rata.


See my statement here, New Risk Steward Signer - #5 by EzR3aL.
TL; DR: Would like to have Certora as second signer. Gauntlet please pay back the funds to the mentioned contracts and approve these via TXN hash.
Thank you

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We have just received clarity from the largest delegates regarding the preferred next steps of the risk steward. The risk steward signer is the last major outstanding item in our transition. Other items completed in the past week:

Our AIP executed annual fee is $1.6M. Funds were split into our insolvency refund and streams. The pro-rata fee as of yesterday was $266,667. We have returned 268,691 aUSDT to the collector contract from the insolvency refund bulk payment. This leaves $211,308 with us, which along with the $55,357 we have already pulled from the streams, complete our fees for our work. We will not be pulling from the streams going forward.


Quick update - we will pull and return any funds from the stream if we cannot confirm that Aave will be able to pull the funds themselves when we walk away

Will update in a second as we confirm the contract logic

Streams canceled here:

Cancellation pulls the streams automatically so we have returned the funds here:

This ends our relationship with Aave. Going forward, we are committed to sign any transactions that confirm our removal from the risk stewards. BGD and Chaos can reach out directly to us once the transactions are queued, as we will no longer be participating in the forums outside any ongoing work to distribute rewards for Arbitrum.

Having two risk service providers supporting the Aave DAO marks a significant commitment to ensuring the safety of users funds. The inclusion of a second team alongside @ChaosLabs is a positive step. The Aave DAO’s decision to onboard Chaos Labs brought about noticeable improvements in terms of response time, ease of communication, and risk analysis tailored to the community’s tolerance levels.

While Aave has long been associated with Gauntlet, there were instances where it seemed Gauntlet’s priorities lay elsewhere. Reflecting on Gauntlet’s Service Provider renewal post, the relationship with Morpho appeared to be primarily focused on mechanism design review. However, recent announcements suggest a deeper, longer-term partnership as a Risk Service Provider between Gauntlet and Morpho. Such agreements are typically the result of extensive discussions that likely commenced before Gauntlet’s proposal for contract renewal with the Aave DAO.

It is our perspective that Gauntlet’s performance at Aave has been lacking for some time. The frequency of contributions from Chaos Labs underscores the disparity in work ethic. It appears Gauntlet may have been operating on autopilot at Aave and considering exiting for a while. Consequently, we believe it is in Gauntlet’s best interest to refund the full value of the Insurance Fund. The level of service provided has been below par, and in our view, Gauntlet’s decision to renew the contract with Aave may have been motivated by derisking other initiatives that have yet to materialize.

We voted NAY on the AIP to renew the Gauntlet contract, and our rationale can be found here, link to reasoning.


We will not be refunding anything further. Speculation about other working longer-term partnerships is false. DeFi moves quickly.

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So you are saying Gauntlet decided to pull the trigger with Aave and only a few days later Morpho replaced us because they were asking you?
Thats kind of weird tbh and I don’t believe that there haven’t been any negotiations in the background while Gauntlet was working for Aave.
Leaves a bad taste


Unlike Gauntlet when “working” on behalf of Aave in recent times. Good luck Morpho, you’ll need it

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