New Risk Steward Signer


Following Gauntlet’s departure from Aave, we’d like to kick off the discussion on selecting a new risk steward signer. We seek guidance and ownership from the community to consider the following potential options:

  1. Assign a temporary signer to the Risk Steward
  2. Wait until the Aave DAO finds a permanent signer and in the meantime, recommendations to increase supply and borrow caps would have to go through the standard Aave governance process.

Gauntlet will cancel our stream and payback the insolvency refund pro rata as soon as the community is aligned on next steps.

Next Steps

Welcome community discussion.


From the perspective of having designed the CapsPlusSteward (Risk Stewards Phase 1), we think it is quite reasonable to keep @ChaosLabs as sole signer, at least temporarily.
The rational is the following:

  • CapsPlusSteward has been the pilot program of Risk Stewards, with very limited scope and almost no possibility of damage: it only allows to increase supply and borrow caps, and in a pretty controlled manner.
  • The procedures (generation of updates, tests) are pretty solid on the repository we created back in the days for risk service providers to manage and use.
  • Both ourselves supporting technically the community and Certora reviewing proposals are always available to help if any doubt/problem would arise for @ChaosLabs .

In addition, we would like to understand which is @Gauntlet suggestion for the upcoming generalised Risk Stewards Phase 2, given that from our understanding nothing has been suggested to the community.


Thank you for initiating this discussion. It’s crucial for the community to come together and address this transition effectively. We believe that the option you’ve outlined is a good path to go down to ensure the stability and integrity of the Aave ecosystem moving forward.

Regarding the proposed option:

Assigning a temporary signer to the Risk Steward: As this is the next step, any recommendations that Gauntlet or the community may have regarding a new Risk Steward would be appreciated to help facilitate discussion.

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We echo @bgdlabs’ rationale to keep @ChaosLabs as the sole signer temporarily.

This solution would allow immediate resolution and @Gauntlet offboarding of both Risk & GHO stewards.

We’re still supportive of Certora being added as a second signer, but this can be enforced after the gauntlet departure, for example, alongside the implementation of risk stewards phase 2.

As such, we invite @ChaosLabs & @Gauntlet to make the necessary adjustments to both stewards without delay.

Therefore, we invite @Gauntlet to:

  • Payback to the Aave collector contract the insolvency fund in full by transferring 480,000 aUSDT to the Aave collector contract
  • Send back all aUSDT and GHO streamed between the publication of their resignation thread (Feb 21, 4:14 PM UTC) and the enforcement of AIP 38 (March 4th at 10.08am UTC) to the Aave collector contract
  • Sign the Stewards’ offboarding transactions making @ChaosLabs the sole signer of both stewards

I think Certora would be great to have as the second signer if they agree to do so. Both, Chaos and Certora are responsible for risk in different areas, which should be a good match.

I also echo Marc here and would like to see Gauntlet paying back the amounts stated above asap. Gauntlet decided to terminte work, thus it only makes sense to terminate funds.


We have posted our recommendations for risk steward phase 2 specifications here and invite the community to decide on a second signer for the risk steward phase 2. Given the community is aligned with having Chaos as the sole signer per the discussion so far, we will initiate the necessary transactions to remove Gauntlet from the risk steward today.

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As an update - we have been pinging @ChaosLabs to initiate the transactions to remove us from the Risk Steward. We chose not to initiate the transaction to ensure we aligned with them first, which we thought would be quick. We stand by and are committed to signing any transactions that confirm our removal from the Risk Steward as soon as possible.

We’ve created the transactions to remove Gauntlet as a Risk Stewards signer on all Safe accounts:


We have signed all of the above transactions and the Gnosis chain safe account and confirmed that all risk steward safes have @ChaosLabs as the sole signer now.

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On behalf of Certora, we are deeply grateful for the trust and confidence that the DAO shows in us taking on such an important responsibility. If the DAO is generally supportive of us stepping in as temporary risk steward signers, we would be honored to accept the responsibility and utilize our expertise to further serve the DAO, and enhance the security and decentralization of the protocol.

We will wait for more feedback from the community before we proceed to the next steps.

Michael M.
Certora Team


Hi, as already said in this thread I support if Certora will be in charge, at least temporary.

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