Harmony & Aave: Horizon Bridge Hack Solution (Recovery One)

In November and December, the Recovery One Foundation, a principal recovery partner in the Harmony ecosystem, including its ambassador program, has been actively facilitating discussions about potential solutions for those affected by the Horizon Bridge Hack.

Recovery One Fnd details:
Recovery Exchange

Over the past two months, we have brainstormed a solution, building upon previous ideas. In December, we advanced our solution and conducted a ‘Temp Check’ snapshot vote. Unfortunately, this vote was unsuccessful, see results: here.

It has been a year and a half since the event. Please use this thread as a space to continue discussing potential solutions. There has been significant dialogue in these two forums below about recovery options for the affected users.

We are committed to providing a solution for the affected Aave users that is fair and consistent with ongoing recovery initiatives.

Brainstorming Proposal:

Temp Check



Is there any update? Anything plan after the temp check rejection?

Thank you

Will there ever be an update? @MarcZeller would also be interested in your opinion.

I’m waiting over 1.5 years for unlocking my money and I can definitely use it better then locked on your platform!!!
For example to cover the cost for an expensive cancer therapy

This bullshit really sucks :fu: