Introducing aave-v3-react

Hey guys, i’m thrilled to introduce aave-v3-react, a brand new SDK targeting the react ecosystem which will make developing aave-based dApps feeling like a breeze!


The SDK is a reactive wrapper on top of the aave-utilities which remove all the burdens of developing aave dApps thanks to a contract provider and a selection of hooks writing and reading to/from the V3 pools.

If u are planning o developing a new app or refactoring an existing one, this is the way to go :fire:

Please check the following links to know more, and consider supporting the project in the latest Gitcoin round from AGD!

Thanks a lot to @aavegrants for making this possible!



Hi @akanoce, thanks for introducing aave-v3-react! React is a popular framework that many builders use and having an SDK that allows for easy integration of v3 pools will improve the experience of building on top of Aave.

Aave Grants can confirm aave-v3-react is a grantee from this February and a project we are proud to support. After participating in the LFGHO Hackathon, @akanoce was inspired to improve the experience of building on Aave for future developers. aave-v3-react is a useful tool for a wide range of developers, from new teams experimenting at hackathons to established protocols utilizing v3 pools. We are looking forward to seeing what will be built with it.