Listing Proposal: Add V2 Market assets to Polygon Market that are relevant to Polygon Network

Aave’s Polygon Market has seen incredible growth with an emphasis on being available to everyone with cheaper transactions. Let’s keep this going.

These tokens exist abundantly or are being emitted on the Polygon Network via rewards from their respected protocols. They are currently listed on the V2 Market so I’m curious if it would be pretty straightforward to add the following to the Polygon Market:

Here is the Snapshot vote to gauge interest:

Snapshot: Add assets to Polygon market


Yes please. Especially Chainlink. It sucks that I still have to stake that on Venus on BSC

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Thanks for you post

Would be great to directly gauge the DAO with a choice for each potential asset for Polygon on the Aave Snapshot

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Wow, amazing, thanks for doing the snapshot so fast

Not sure the current format is ideal to gauge community sentiment as the isn’t a “No” option, so it does not capture half of the picture…

This is particularly problematic for assets not yet listed on Aave. For those, you’ll also need to follow New Asset Listing - Governance

Still, great job and even better next time :star_struck:

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I’ve created a new Snapshot that should better gauge the community’s interest in adding the assets currently in the V2 market to the Polygon market.

Website thinks I’m spam by posting the link to the snapshot vote but you can find it on the Snapshot page

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The Snapshot vote passed with 100% in support! I am curious what next step I could do to keep this moving forward, @Alex_BertoG? Thank you for the guidance!

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I’d be happy to help create the AAVE contracts and AIP payloads necessary to get this up and running. I think we are still waiting on cross chain governance to go live though?


I would really love this to happen! I’d also like to propose adding GRT as a collateral token.

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Has there been progress on the cross chain governance? I’m not sure where that’s at.

The polygon market is now controlled by the crosschain bridge and can therefore receive gov proposals. Aavegotchi (@coderdan) is working on the proposal to list GHST + assets listed here. @pakim249 please reach out to them if you want to collaborate!


Yes feel free to reach out! Our team will be working hard next week to prepare the AIP payloads.


Would you say it’s still worthwhile to make governance proposals for Polygon Aave with the upcoming Aave V3 changes?

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yes it’s worthwhile. Upgrading V2 markets to V3 will require a bit of time as the code needs to be battletested first.

yes I support this proposal.

I would also add, along with DPI, MVI from the IndexCoop (and potentially other index assets in thefe future). MVI already has some liquidity on Sushi polygon.

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I’m excited for these changes. I know you guys are busy with the gotchiverse but I hope this proposal is still on your radar for the near future?

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proposal still on the radar. Pending Chainlink to upgrade the get all the required price feeds

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