MKR position move from v2 to v3

Hello Aave community. I’ve been a loyal user of the Aave platform – but I currently have an issue. I currently have a position where I have supplied about 5,500 MKR to v2 Aave and have then borrowed a little over $1.4 million DAI against my MKR supply on V2. I would like to use DeFi Saver to “loan shift” my position from v2 to v3… but the shift would breach the supply cap of MKR on v3… since v3 only has room for about 2300 MKR as of this writing.

Is there a willingness to create a higher supply cap at v3 on MKR so that I can migrate my position over? Otherwise…I’m really stuck on v2.


Hi, i cannot really help but maybe @Gauntlet and @ChaosLabs could take a look at this and maybe propose to increase the cap on MKR on v3.

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We have posted a recommendation to increase the supply cap for MKR here - [ARFC] - Risk Stewards - Increase Supply and Borrow Cap on V3 Ethereum 08.09.2023

Should this proposal be accepted, the new supply cap will enable the migration of this position.