Multi Chain Partnerships

Hello! Who can I contact in the Aave team for Multi Chain partnerships?

I’m Emre Arduman, Business Development Representative at SKALE Labs.

We are a Layer 2 EVM solution built on top of Ethereum, meaning we increase the transaction capacity and throughput of blockchain projects. We have a huge DeFi hub we would love to consider Aave for. Cheers!

Ho, so it’s about deploying Aave on your L2 ?

If it’s indeed the case, you are at the right place. Here is the template to follow for the ARCF, but you are still at the temperature check stage, which is more informal, but you should still take inspiration from it ^^

You should also make contact with BGDLabs

template for ARCF (apendix section): [ARFC] Network deployment ARFC template

inspiration for a [temp check]: [TEMP CHECK] Aave V3 Deployment on Base

@Alice has more patience than me, moved the topic out of the governance category.

@earduman please follow standards to make a proposal to the aave governance.

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