New Risk Steward Signer

From the perspective of having designed the CapsPlusSteward (Risk Stewards Phase 1), we think it is quite reasonable to keep @ChaosLabs as sole signer, at least temporarily.
The rational is the following:

  • CapsPlusSteward has been the pilot program of Risk Stewards, with very limited scope and almost no possibility of damage: it only allows to increase supply and borrow caps, and in a pretty controlled manner.
  • The procedures (generation of updates, tests) are pretty solid on the repository we created back in the days for risk service providers to manage and use.
  • Both ourselves supporting technically the community and Certora reviewing proposals are always available to help if any doubt/problem would arise for @ChaosLabs .

In addition, we would like to understand which is @Gauntlet suggestion for the upcoming generalised Risk Stewards Phase 2, given that from our understanding nothing has been suggested to the community.