On-ramp into AAVE products from FIAT

Hey team

We are a team building a on-ramp focused in the European market - www.bleap.finance.

Our product is focused in solving 3 problems:

  • On-ramp high fees - our solution will be 5x cheaper than current ones, goal is to make it 0%.
  • On-ramp with a single click into DeFi products - i.e staked ETH, lended USDC, etc.
  • Education & risk-framework - provide users in the platform with information on the protocol and a risk framework

For the yield generating products like lended USDC we would like to use AAVE. We have a couple of questions on the best way to do it, is there anyone we can speak with for help?

Some of the questions:

  • We believe transak was doing this at some point - what were the biggest pain points of the integration? Why did they stop?

  • Is it worth to integrate with AAVE directly or with a DEX and just buy there? Would there be any difference?

  • Is there any revenue share feature built into the protocol ?

If I understand your offering correctly, and you want to do something in the AAVE context I would suggest looking at instant or even automated collateral topups via an onramp.

I would also suggest working with one of the trusted and MiCA regulated euro stable coins like https://www.euroe.com/ as you collaborate on the EU market.