Paladin DAO is looking for Aave delegate


With the soon to be released Dullahan product the Paladin DAO is likely to accumulate voting power in the form of stkAave.

In order to best represent the PaladinDAO without compromising their ethos and minimising the overhead for token holder they plan to appoint a delegate for those stkAave.


The position will be rewarded with 1000 $PAL each month for six months provided the delegate fullfil the following engagement:

  • at least 80% voting participation each month on Aave
  • Maintain an open channel of communication in paladin’s discord for the depositors.
  • Represent the depositor in a public manner on the Aave governance forum.
  • Use link 2 and make a post there manifesting their interest.

link 1:
link 2:

State as of today

The vote for delegation ended successfully and the election will start on the 14th of july 2023.

TokenLogic and StableLab already manifested their interest in the position.

In order to maximize the positive effects for both parties and increase representation I invite interested delegates to manifest themselves on the paladin forum.


I (Alice) is only an aave holder and do not possess any voting power on Paladin.

I made this topic on my own accord without receiving any compensation and it doesn’t represent any other interest than my own.


The process for application have been published as well as the date of the vote (14 of july 2023).

You will have to post your application here (you will also find further instruction there):

(Main post is being edited accordingly)


Hi @Alice - this is an amazing initiative and I’m excited to see more protocols utilize their internal holdings for cross-protocol governance.

I have two questions:

  1. Will the delegate that receives this voting power also receive the corresponding prop power?
  2. Will the Paladin DAO intend to influence the vote of whoever receives the voting power? Do they have any independent priorities regarding Aave governance?

I ask #1 because, right now, this function seems to be centralized to a small number of players, so it would be healthy for more delegates to have the ability to submit AIPs. If the Paladin community is open to it, that would be very beneficial for the health of the Aave DAO.

For #2, this seems self-explanatory, but worth clarifying early in the process. Seeing as the two primary candidates for this delegation are existing contributors (both held in high regard), I would hope for some clarity from them on how they plan to handle any conflicts as they may arise.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any current or former employer.

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Hello ser o/

I am not taking part in the paladin DAO, and just happened to catch it as part of my defi monitoring, thus I don’t have any more information than what is written. But here is a tl;dr of the two topic (but I invite you to read them yourself)

  1. No information been given on the subject, the ACI did made sugestion on making separate election for voting and proposal, but no answer so far so it is still ambigious.

  2. It’s a fair question to ask, as an example to keep their indepandance the ACI expressed the fact that they won’t participate as having to report to another DAO would be against their ethos. To know the full answer you would have to ask the concerned parties, but from what I read both are already working for multiples DAO including Aave and Paladin. Moreover they believe that closer partnership between the two DAOs can only be mutualy beneficial.

Hopes my summary helped you and if you need moar information you would have to ask tokenlogic and stablelabs directly ^^

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