"Preserving Authenticity: Italian Food Connection's Mission to Combat Fake Food

Dear members of the community,

I am reaching out to you today with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the reasons behind the rejection of our grant request. We are a passionate team that strongly believes in promoting the authenticity and traceability of Italian food products. We are deeply motivated to combat the phenomenon of fake food and preserve the Italian agri-food heritage.

Our project, Italian Food Connection, aims to engage a significant market segment by offering consumers the opportunity to purchase 100% made in Italy food directly from local producers. We recognize that more and more people are seeking authentic and high-quality products, and we want to meet this growing demand by providing a secure and transparent platform.

We are aware that illegality in the food industry is still a widespread challenge, with the risk of counterfeiting and ingredient manipulation throughout the supply chain. Therefore, our project focuses on using advanced technologies such as RFID, barcodes, and QR codes to ensure the traceability and safety of products along the entire food chain.

We believe that our project can not only provide a concrete solution to the problem of fake food but also contribute to the protection and valorization of the Italian agri-food heritage. We want consumers to have confidence in the food they purchase and to appreciate the authentic taste of Italy, knowing that they are supporting local producers and contributing to the preservation of Italian culinary traditions.

However, despite our commitment and passion, our grant request has been rejected. We want to gain a better understanding of the reasons behind this decision and receive your feedback to improve our project and make it even more effective in addressing the current challenges in the food industry.

We kindly ask you to take a few minutes of your time to review our project and provide us with your valuable feedback. We are open to any suggestions or advice that can help us understand where we may have made mistakes and how we can improve our project to better serve the community.

Your support and input are crucial to our success, and we believe that together, we can make a significant impact in promoting authentic Italian food and ensuring the transparency and safety of the products we consume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anton Antonov Italian Food Connection Team

Our project, Italian Food Connection, aims to bring a new audience closer to the world of web3 through the use of blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in a functional and engaging way. Unlike traditional digital collections, our approach ensures that each purchased NFT ultimately results in a unique and artisanal physical product.

By leveraging blockchain technology, we guarantee the traceability and authenticity of our products, eliminating any risk of counterfeiting. The NFTs associated with these purchases offer our customers exclusive discounts and the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind physical product, specially crafted by our chefs.

This distinctive feature of our project allows us to engage an entirely new audience in the world of web3. We not only offer the opportunity to digitally collect, but also to possess a tangible, artisanal object that represents a truly unique experience. This approach bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, providing added value and creating an emotional connection with our products.

Thanks to this combination of blockchain technology, NFTs, and unique physical products, we provide an immersive and authentic experience that appeals to a new audience in the web3 space. Our goal is to transcend traditional barriers between the virtual and real worlds, offering consumers a unique opportunity to connect with our products in a tangible and meaningful way.

In conclusion, our project aims to introduce a completely new audience to the world of web3 by utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs that translate into unique and artisanal physical products. This unique combination creates an engaging and authentic experience, allowing consumers to discover and connect with our product line in an innovative and stimulating manner.

Hi, i am not on the Aave Grants DAO team but if i have to put it into simple words it would be.

Creating a solution to a problem that doesn’t exists.

I really like blockchain and web3 and all that stuff, but i have a feeling everybody wants to do something and just adds web3 to it so it sounds attractive.

So yeah, i get why this has been rejected. Would have done the same. No benefit for Aave, no benefit for the ecosystem, no benefit at all.

PS: I am working for one of the top 3 food retailer and producer in the world and we have never thought about doing something like this, because it just makes no sense.



I’m sorry if you got the impression that our project was unnecessary. I understand that your food industry doesn’t need to address the issue of counterfeiting like other sectors. However, it’s important to consider that the Italian artisanal food sector is particularly affected by this phenomenon, which can cause significant damage to its reputation and economy.

Blockchain technology and web3 can offer an effective solution to this problem. By ensuring traceability and authenticity through the blockchain, we can build trust in our products, providing consumers with the certainty that they are purchasing genuine and high-quality products.

Furthermore, the web3 approach offers multiple advantages. It not only allows us to create a real economy around the products but also promotes trust and knowledge in the food industry. Through the transparency provided by the blockchain, consumers can learn about the origin of the products, production methods, and ingredients used, creating a deeper and more meaningful connection with the food they consume.

It’s important to emphasize that the Italian fake food market is worth a staggering 60 billion euros annually. Addressing this problem through the adoption of blockchain technology can have a significant impact, protecting the authenticity of Italian food and stimulating the economy.

Therefore, we don’t see web3 as a mere excuse but as a concrete solution to tackle counterfeiting in the Italian artisanal food sector. Our intention is to create a system that ensures the authenticity of products, promoting the real economy, consumer trust, and knowledge in the food industry.

I hope this explanation clarifies our objectives and demonstrates that our approach holds significant value for the Italian food industry.

Hi, chiming in from Aave Grants.

Putting the merits of cryptos potential to impact the food industry aside, the primary reason this was rejected was that it is not Aave-centric enough. This would have been outlined in the follow-up email you received.

Aave Grants gives grants to grow and strengthen the Aave protocol and ecosystem. Take a look at a running list of grants we’ve awarded since January to get an idea of the different types of benefits projects bring such as increasing liquidity flows, building new capabilities on top of Aave or producing novel insights about Aave for the community.

With the greatest will in the world whilst I believe your aim is a noble one and also important for food traceability, however I’m not what the benefit to AAVE would have been.

Additionally what you were proposing already exists and is being offered by multiple blockchain companies.

If you are interested it maybe worth you looking at Vechain who already have an existing partnership with DNG-VL focused on the traceability of Italian Foods using RFIDS & QR-Codes.

Thank you for your input and bringing up the existing solutions in the market. While it’s true that there are already industrial-level solutions available, it’s important to note that these solutions may take years for small artisanal producers to adopt. Our solution, on the other hand, provides an immediate and accessible option for them.

One crucial aspect that sets us apart is our deep knowledge and understanding of the territory, its needs, and most importantly, the needs of the producers themselves. Without a real and practical solution, these small producers are at risk of failure or absorption by multinational corporations. We are committed to bridging the gap and acting as a liaison, providing support from information to marketing for each individual company.

Moreover, as chefs, we have a profound understanding of the producers and their products. This intimate knowledge allows us to showcase their unique qualities and connect with consumers on a deeper level. We aim to bring their stories and products to the forefront, fostering a genuine appreciation for the artisans behind the food.

While there may be existing partnerships and initiatives in the blockchain space, our project offers a distinct value proposition. We prioritize accessibility, immediacy, and personalized support for small producers, which can have a significant impact on the local economy and the preservation of culinary traditions.

We appreciate your suggestion to explore Vechain and their partnership with DNG-VL. We will certainly take a closer look and assess how their approach aligns with our vision and objectives.

Thank you for your valuable insights, and we remain committed to making a positive difference in the Italian food industry.

Best regards,
Anton Antonov
Italian Food Connection Team

Dear 0xbilll,

I apologize if we did not specify how our project would contribute to the Aave ecosystem. We believed that we would discuss it in the subsequent interview, but I now understand that we should have clarified it from the beginning.

As the founders of Italian Food Connection, we intend to offer specific benefits to the Aave ecosystem. Firstly, we will apply fixed discounts to all payments made through Aave. Additionally, we will create collections of NFTs with unique functionalities, providing Aave users with the opportunity to participate in special experiences and gain exclusive access to curated content.

Furthermore, every environmental and ecological conservation project we undertake, such as beach and trail restoration, will be done in collaboration with Aave and receive financial support from the ecosystem. We believe that this collaboration will promote greater environmental awareness and concrete action towards sustainability.

Our goal is not just to sell products, but also to restore trust in an invaluable territory. We believe that all these initiatives, combined with our commitment to combating fake food and safeguarding the quality of products made in Italy, will significantly contribute to the growth and success of the Aave ecosystem.

We apologize if we were not clear about our specific contribution to Aave. We hope to have the opportunity to further clarify the value of our project and how we can collaborate for the benefit of the ecosystem.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Anton Antonov
Italian Food Connection Team

We want to clarify that our selection of Aave goes beyond the grant aspect; it is driven by our desire to engage with a mature community and build a sustainable business rather than a short-lived project that ends when the funds run out. The grant is just one significant piece of a much larger project.

Our vision extends beyond the grant funding, as we aim to seek more substantial subsidies from the European community. These additional funds will enable us to create a robust logistics infrastructure and establish an eco-friendly reality that champions the hidden enogastronomy of Italy. Our ambition is to showcase and preserve the rich culinary heritage of Italy while promoting sustainable practices and fostering economic growth in local communities.

Although our grant request was denied by the decision-making governance, we view this as an opportunity for clarification rather than a setback. We believe in the power of open dialogue and learning from different perspectives. Your feedback and insights help us refine our approach and communicate our vision more effectively.

We appreciate your engagement and value the opportunity to clarify our intentions and aspirations. Our commitment to the Italian food industry and the principles of authenticity, traceability, and sustainability remains steadfast. We are determined to forge ahead and make a positive impact, with or without the grant support.

Thank you for your understanding and for taking the time to engage in this discussion.

Best regards,
Anton Antonov
Italian Food Connection Team