Proposal: Add Support for HBTC&HFIL

Hi Aave fam,

I am Hurry.I’d like to make a proposal for Aave to support HBTC&HFIL as a collateral asset and currency.

Basic Facts of HBTC & HFIL:
Launched by: Huobi DeFi Labs

Backed by:

• HBTC is backed by BTC in 1:1 ratio
• HFIL is backed by FIL in 1:1 ratio

Date of Issuance:
• HBTC @Feb.2020
Announcement: Official Launch Of Huobi BTC (HBTC) On Ethereum Network
• HFIL@Oct.2020
Announcement: Official Launch Of Huobi FIL (HFIL) On Ethereum Network

Smart Contract:





Custodian Contract:





Audited by: Slow Mist

Introduction of H-Tokens (HBTC & HFIL)
H-token series are a suite of assets issued on Ethereum and backed by cryptocurrencies from other blockchains to bring more digital assets to the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

The issuance of the H-Tokens will allow more users in the crypto world to benefit from DeFi, accelerate the development of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, and promote the growth of Ethereum-based assets.

HBTC as well as HFIL has enabled BTC and FIL users to seamlessly access Ethereum DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, Curve, Nest, CoFix, ForTube and more. And its growing use cases prove that the value has been recognized by the market.

Use Cases (examples):

  1. Juan Benet, the founder of Filecoin, praised HFIL on Twitter, thinking that using HFIL and DeFi, anyone can migrate FIL to Ethereum and use smart contracts to handle various things. Miners can rely on DeFi infrastructure and loan market.
    Juan Benet’s Twitter 1
  2. HBTC pool is available on Curve since Sep 10th and liquidity providers can then deposit HBTC there to earn trading fee reward and CRV reward.
    HBTC on Curve

How to Get H-Tokens (HBTC, HFIL)?
To meet users’ fast exchange of H-Tokens, Huobi Global will take the lead in supporting H-series. Users can choose HBTC (or other H-Tokens like HFIL) when withdrawing their BTC (or other original asset like FIL)
a) Buy, deposit or get BTC through trading and save it in the Exchange account on Huobi Global
b) Select BTC (or other original asset e.g. FIL) - Withdraw - HBTC (or other H-Tokens e.g. HFIL) in the Exchange account
c) Enter the address and amount for withdrawal and click “Withdraw”
Please read this article for A Step by Step Guide: HBTC Withdrawal Guide

Our Strengths:
A World Class Security System

• Secure and reliable class services
• Seven years of experience in digital asset services
• Decentralized structure and anti-DDOS protection system
Local Operation Teams Across the Globe
• Global Ecological Layout
• Local trading service centers in many countries around the world
• Blockchain ecosystem featuring integration of multiple business forms
Remodeling the Crypto Exchange
• Users first
• Develop compensation first system
• Develop User Protection Fund

Benefits for AAVE:
Huobi Group has maintained more than 15 million users in the world, and H-Tokens like HBTC as well as HFIL play the key roles to bridge the BTC and FILECOIN users to Ethereum ecology in participating the DeFi activities. And as witnessed, market needs of HBTC and HFIL jump sharply. Thus, having HBTC and HFIL listed on AAVE would surely introduce quite a decent amount of liquidity to AAVE and to benefit the growth of AAVE. Let’s hold hands to achieve DeFi ecological prosperity.

Key Data of Htokens (HBTC, HFIL):

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well, centralization is a huge concern. The defi world is a decentralized world, maybe not suitable for a centralized asset :rofl:

All wrapped forms of Bitcoin come with trade-offs, there is no doubt about that. wBTC will be centralized forever and that carries those risks we are aware of. sBTC and tBTC both use the collateral and liquidation model, and that brings with it dangers of a collapse of the peg if there is too much volatility too fast, and problems with scaling liquidity. Ren uses fees and cash flow to secure the system, which requires a level of adoption before it can securely be decentralized (and therefore it starts out centralized as it is now).

This diversification of risk is good for us, because right now we are still so early, and we don’t know very well how things will play out in the future. If any of these models fail, we have other ones to fall back on.

However, Hbtc does have its advantage. Hbtc is backed by Huobi Group, with more than 15 Million users, and a history of 7 years’ stable operation. Currently Hbtc moves smoothly on its compliance process.