Proposal- Claim and restake Stkaave

I think a claim and restake feature would be a good addition to the staking for the people who are planning to hold AAVE long term.

I’d also be a supportive of an auto stake and reclaim feature that would run daily so we could roll all accounts who had opted into that feature into one transaction for gas efficiency.



absolutely agree! Feature that will contain automatically claim and restake AAVE would be just perfect in my case.


I would really love a fonction like that also!!


Is there any particular reason why we don’t have automatic re-staking in the SM?

Hello ! First time for me here i totally agree !


100% agree. no reason to have two steps right?


I actually built this and it seemingly works on Testnet. (It’s my first project in the space! Unaudited and probably super unsafe, but cool!)

It’s a staking pool that issues ERC-20 compliant shares representing your ownership of the pool’s stkAAVE.

There is a public compounding function that anyone can call, in a single transaction it automatically withdraws rewards and re-stakes them, increasing the value of a share. (Think yEarn vaults).

It’s probably not that efficient, and rewards aren’t enabled on the testnet so I still need to test it on mainnet- if this is something the community wants, that is!


Congrats, that’s dope

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I would really like to see this be a reality. Set it and forget it!

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I created a forum post about this- if you’re interested in seeing this become a reality, let me know there!


Hello friends!! New to defi and kind of new to Aave although I have owned some ethlend for quite a while! I am very interested in the migrating via alend to Aaave but would like more info on this proposal… thank you

Yes please, I’m surprised this wasn’t implemented from day 1.

agreed. would love to see this implemented.

Indeed, for all the stakers and holders of stkAAVE, this would be great! You can actually compare this to an accumulating dividend instead of a distribution divident on the stock market.

As most of the stkAAVE holders are in this for the long term, accumulating stkAAVE makes more sense, since the transfer costs to actually claim the tokens and restake them are high and can be avoided.

and… if you are not convinced of the power, see below the example of the S&P distributing vs accumulating index over the year:



Seems we’ve lost traction here.

I think with the run up in prices, and the increase in gas fees, giving users a way to enable automatic claim and re-stake whenever gas is under a set value (say 60?) it would batch all of the users who had that option on and claim and re-stake.

As a non coder I don’t know how hard that would be but it seemed @Zer0dot said he’d figured out a way to do it, I don’t know if I’d trust someone not on the Aave team to implement something like that though. (No offense @Zer0dot!)

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None taken! :slightly_smiling_face:

Still on my radar but there are is actually a good bit of additional complexity that I need to figure out to prevent some attack vectors. It’s not my top priority right now but I haven’t forgotten!


take your time, Buddy. security is most importened!

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