Proposal: Community-led, community-facilitated community call (monthly)

I was so close to achieving a great alliteration in my title and then I had to add “(monthly)”. Oh well.

Hi everyone!

I’m @nettra, I’ve been following Aave for about a year, bought some Aave tokens, and in these past months have really enjoyed the community calls, and the other community events by the Aave team on Clubhouse, Zoom and Youtube.

Although it was not a community call, I did attend a cool call superbly moderated by @heyerikan, featuring Lirona, the artist. I was super pleased to see that the Aave team was able to attract someone like Erika to host the event: she broke down concepts in a very relatable way [1]. These open community events are key and I’d love to have more.

I want to commend the Aave team and Erika for:

  1. speaking plain English at this event
  2. talking about helpful use cases
  3. talking about fun use cases
  4. offering people like me, who want to learn more about crypto (and about Aave in particular), a fun, informative and educational opportunity to engage.

Ultimately, I think these community events are going to be necessary to fully activate the community that already exists around Aave, to grow this community, and to eventually bring crypto to the mainstream. Why should we care about that? Because crypto can solve real-world problems and create a lot of joy. We have a lot of problems and like joy!

I’d love to see more of this and so in the spirit of community, I’m going to volunteer myself as a (co-)host of these community calls.

There. I just did it :smiley:

I can share some key updates about Aave and field questions from the community. I understand enough tech to answer basic questions with just enough detail that the answer stays simple and memorable :sweat_smile:. More importantly, I know enough tech to understand my limits and what questions I need to investigate further.

I like learning by talking and listening. I like learning about new projects. I already do this weekly in my Club on Clubhouse called Crypto Beyond Currency [2]. I like understanding what questions people have on their mind. Actually holding Office Hours is one of my favorite parts of my day job teaching/researching purpose-driven innovation.

What do you all think?

Linked some stuff that could help below:

[1] art10studio by @ nettra on Twitter: “How to understand #NFTs and #Defi? Live now #NFTartist Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi, in discussion with @ heyerikan and @ aaveaave CEO @ StaniKulechov and @ JordanLzG Zoom link: And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!” / Twitter


Hey @nettra! For context, I’m helping lead Aave Grants DAO. Really appreciate your interest and initiative to get more involved with Aave. We definitely will need some help with the next community call in mid-May. I’ll reach out to you via DM and see ways we can work together - with the community calls and/or other areas.