Proposal to extend Aave to Fuse Network

Hi, Aave community, I am Daniil Gorbatenko, partnerships and communications manager at Fuse Network. I would like to propose to to extend the Aave protocol to the Fuse Network blockchain.

Fuse Network is a fast and low-cost fully EVM-compatible blockchain-based platform focused on making crypto payments and DeFi available to the masses. We are trying to achieve this through combining the blockchain and smart contracts with mobile-centric tools that are designed to remove the frictions for the end user.

Fuse is connected to multiple major blockchain platforms (including Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche) via several interoperability solutions, including the FuseFi bridge, Multichain (formerly Anyswap) ChainPort, Connext and so on. Well-known DeFi protocols already launched or about to launch on Fuse include Sushi and Beefy Finance.

You can learn more about Fuse on and

Fuse has been undergoing rapid growth lately, our DeFi ecosystem included. We at the Fuse team are big fans of the DeFi innovations Aave has been bringing since its inception, especially the real-world asset markets. We would be delighted to see Aave launch on Fuse!

Benefits for Aave:

  • Access to a rapidly growing EVM-compatible platform and ecosystem

  • Possibility to leverage the user-friendly mobile-centric tools created by Fuse, including by forking our open-source wallet technology


I’ve never heard of this protocol.

There is extremely little liquidity on here. That would make me ask the question if it is worth the effort at this time to deploy V2 or even consider a V3 deployment. There are numerous other protocols and L2s that catch more users and more liquidity and would have, in my opinion, a way higher priority.

I also see no Chainlink oracles on chain, if I’m not mistaken. Which would be a requirement.

Not going to lie, the hassle of the brigade has to be respected.


Hi Neptune, could you pls DM me. Unfortunately i cannot DM you.
Appreciate it

Hello, thanks for opening this thread.

Cleaned it from low effort, first-time poster shill army replies.
This is noise and extremely frown upon on this governance forum and hurt more the proposal than helps it.

Everyone is free to voice their support with a constructed answer with some materials to share that will contribute to the discussion.

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