Proposal: Implement cross chain bridging function

Could AAVE implement cross chain bridging? I would love to be able to move my portfolio easily among chains. Seems like AAVE is one of the few protocols that could have enough liquidity across different chains to implement this. As the biggest bridging protocols it could also be used as a way to generate value for the AAVE token.


Would be awesome. Maybe in the future even cross chain collaterals

With so many bridges out there, it would be powerful to aggregate them in one spot - I support this idea. It would further make Aave a one-stop shop.


watch out for things to come ;)


Emilio, please just deploy it. Talk to Stani, we all cannot wait anymore. We all know you are the Shiipppooor.

Last time you said that we got Aave on Polygon :DD

Very excited to hear this :slight_smile: . Thank you and the whole team for all the hard work!

there is a security process to be done before anything. But more information will be released soon.


V3 delivered everything I wanted and more. Absolutely blown away. Can’t wait for it to go live.


As for swapping from anywhere into Aave and also in order bring Aave to all chains and protocols, Aave already gave a grant to Li.Finance (bridge aggregation protocol) in order to do so.

Li.Finance aggregates all bridges and then connects them to the DEXes and DEX aggregators on each chain. A dapp-widget makes swapping from anywhere directly into the dapp possible but there will also be pure on-chain solution

If understood correctly, bridges aggregated by LiFi would implement Aave v3. LiFi would thereby inherit Aave’s Portal

@philippz this is a large assumption - particularly the last line.

While it is advantageous to rely on infrastructure built by other teams, there is a large gap in the plans outlined for V3 and the current supported chains by Li.Finance - missing StarkNet, zkSync, Harmony, and Solana.

Do you plan to add support for these other networks? I can see you work for the LiFi team.

Also, do you know details about the V3 portal build that users do not know yet? Or is this a hopeful statement?

About bridges & aggregation
As a bridge aggregator, we’re not directly responsible for bridging to another chain. We inherit the support from the bridges we aggregate.

While we already bridge to Harmony (Horizon bridge), there simply is no bridge to StarkNet and zkSync yet. As soon as one of those bridges do support it, it’ll immediately be part of us as well. Next on our list is Wormhole + Jupiter.

Status quo
In order to provide a robust solution, we first made sure that we have fallback mechanisms in place for all things EVM. So far we aggregated Connext (NXTP), Hop, C-Bridge, Anyswap and Harmony’s Horizon. Wormwhole will be next.

Why LiFi
While Aave certainly has all necessary funds to build their own team, I believe collaboration makes more sense. We’ve 12 developers working on this: Protocol, API, SDK, and even a customizable frontend-widget. On top, we have 2 researchers analyzing bridges, comparing them, writing things down (we’ll share all that know-how with our upcoming B2B website). We’ve actually built the SDK for Connext and we’ve built for them. Even our lead investor understands the space very well. That being said, we’ve really focused on just this, for months now, in order to build the best aggregation protocol possible.

I have spoken to Marc Zeller and also to Connext about it. Here is a quote from Arjun (Connext founder) and I hope it gives you a better idea:

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