Proposal: Implement cross chain bridging function

Could AAVE implement cross chain bridging? I would love to be able to move my portfolio easily among chains. Seems like AAVE is one of the few protocols that could have enough liquidity across different chains to implement this. As the biggest bridging protocols it could also be used as a way to generate value for the AAVE token.


Would be awesome. Maybe in the future even cross chain collaterals

With so many bridges out there, it would be powerful to aggregate them in one spot - I support this idea. It would further make Aave a one-stop shop.


watch out for things to come ;)


Emilio, please just deploy it. Talk to Stani, we all cannot wait anymore. We all know you are the Shiipppooor.

Last time you said that we got Aave on Polygon :DD

Very excited to hear this :slight_smile: . Thank you and the whole team for all the hard work!