Proposal Transition voting to Snapshot Voting

I’d like to see AAVE Transition to using snapshot voting like Maker and YFI do. That way we could vote without paying gas fees.

For anyone curious as to what other projects are using Snapshot to vote you can see a list of them here


I think that on the long term, it will be better to have all the ecosystem blocks into in dApp rather than spread between different components.

Understandable, but why rebuild the wheel if you don’t have to?

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Hello, snapshots is a great tool for sure, but for the objective of providing onchain verifiable vote does not fit well. Maker uses offchain tools for signaling, which is a great solution as well, to then settle the vote onchain. Until now the community used the forum for signaling, which offers polling capabilities and can be a good starting point to collect signals. With the AAVE governance V2 which was released with the AIP 4 that was voted a few days ago, the governance has now full vote delegation capabilities and the community has complete freedom to create proposals, as long as they reach the required delegated/acquired proposition power. For these reasons I think that onchain voting is for now the best solution for Aave given how decentralized is the governance, but of course if the rest of the community thinks otherwise, setting up a snapshot for signaling is super easy

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Perhaps once we get to an l2 the cost to vote will be lower.

As a smaller Aave holder $13 to vote is kinda a deal breaker.

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