Request: Twitter Spaces x Giveaway Aave <> YouHodler

Dear AAVE,

I trust this message reaches you in great spirits. My name is David, and I currently hold the position of Social Media Manager at YouHodler, a premier platform that catalyzes the potential of cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individual use.

I am writing to propose a strategic collaboration, which, we believe, could greatly benefit both our organizations and increase our visibility on social media platforms. YouHodler recognizes the strength that lies in strategic alliances and is devoted to enhancing user experience through the provision of engaging and high-value content. It’s exciting to note that we’ve been supporting and facilitating transactions in $AAVE for some time now, which suggests an existing synergy that can be further harnessed.

After thoughtful analysis, we have identified two potential governance proposal options that are in line with our mutual aim of boosting engagement, awareness, and reach on our social media channels:

  1. Joint Giveaway: We propose to host a collaborative giveaway event on our respective social media handles, granting users the opportunity to win attractive rewards. The combined effort could generate significant interest in our platforms, draw new users, and engage our existing communities. The giveaway can be customized to align with our platform objectives and preferences, ensuring maximum involvement and impact.
  2. Twitter Spaces/Seminar Collaboration: A compelling Twitter Spaces or webinar could be organized, where we could amalgamate our user bases for an insightful discourse on the latest trends, market insights, and opportunities in the crypto industry. Such a collaborative initiative would enable us to pool our expertise and insights, fostering significant connections and establishing our brands as thought leaders in the domain.

I look forward to delving into these collaboration options further and discussing how we can adapt them to our specific brands and goals.

Thank you for considering this governance proposal. I eagerly anticipate your response. Together, we can construct a more dynamic and engaging social media environment for our users.

Warm regards,

Social Media Manager