Request: Who should speak at the next community call?

We’d be honored! That’s midnight for me but happy to burn a bit of midnight oil for Aave fam :rocket:

Hi @0xbilll, have the speakers for the next community call been finalised yet?

@innoprenuer from OceanProtocol is hoping for a spot.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @0xbilll could you share the agenda for today’s community call or confirm if we got a slot today?

hi all, apologies dropped the ball keeping this thread updated.

agenda was announced on Twitter here:

some folks are sticking around after for an AMA, how about you join that so you can be included this time around?

Sorry @0xbilll , couldn’t make it after the call. My calendar didn’t have availability. Had I known, I could have kept a slot open. Nevertheless, we would like to participate and present in the next community call if possible.

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Thanks to everyone who participated — it was great to listen about all the progress going on in the ecosystem!


Absolutely! I will reach out once the next date is confirmed.

I’ll echo both these points. Big thanks to all the speakers.

@Max0x and @Figue, apologies for not getting Backd and Paladin in. I will reach out and get you both in the next one!

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No problem, we’ll be live by then, it’ll be even better

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hello there!!

is the next community call happening any time soon? where can I keep track of this and other community events??

Hey Gus, the next call will be announced soon! Best place to follow for updates is or our newsletter at


The next community call has been scheduled! October 11th at 4pm UTC.

Please reply below with any speaker requests.


Hey everyone, the next Aave Grants community call is December 7th at 4pm UTC on Twitter Spaces. Who would you like to have featured from the community? Please leave any requests below!

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hey I would like to understand if it’s possible to speak about this proposal we are doing from the GoodDollar protocol team. We are asking AAVE to socially stake a little part of its treasury for the Universal Basic Income (UBI) cause.

I’ve had some informal feedback about this being in the scope of the bigger AAVE DAO, but would like to understand what’s the position from the AAVE grants DAO committee.

Hey! To clarify, this is a Twitter Spaces for the community to hear directly from grant recipients, the genesis team, and other projects building in the Aave ecosystem

You could definitely come talk about what you’re building during the community section. This would be a 5 minute intro/overview though, feedback from the grants committee will come via the application process

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@Gustavo how does that sound, want to join our call this Tuesday?

we’ll be there for sure! Count us in!

Hey everyone, the next community call is coming up on July 27th @ 2pm UTC | 10am EST :calendar: Leave any suggestions for who should join or how we could improve in this thread or on Twitter:


The next AGD community call has been announced! Please join us October 24th.

It’s great. Thanks for the opportunity.