Sacred - Private Lending for AAVE

Hello AAVE Community,

Great to connect!


Sacred is a decentralized protocol that enables the private transfer of funds while still maintaining the ability for users to earn interest privately. A Fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred’s protocol leverages ZK-snark proofs to ensure an observer would not be able to follow the link between assets (both principal and interest) moving on a blockchain scanner tool like Etherscan.

We were thrilled to have received a grant from AAVE Grants DAO and believe supporting the AAVE community with the ability to earn yield privately is a huge step in the right direction.

Sacred recently launched testnet on Ethereum and after mainnet launch, we will be moving to Polygon. Our vision is to be a privacy lego block that will fit on top of many DeFi protocols, and AAVE is the first integration.

We are launching our feedback rewards program at the end of October (join discord) and would love to hear from privacy enthusiasts in the AAVE community. Thanks for reading and see links below to follow Sacred’s journey:

Gitbook: Sacred Finance - Sacred Finance
Github: Sacred-Finance · GitHub
Discord: Sacred Finance