Stacking price and Stacking on arbitrum?

Today, to stack 15 AAVE, it cost around 24usd (gas fee is at 48 Gwei as I write this message)

Considering the 6% reward you can hope for 0.9 AAVE a year which is 63 USD

To unstack in a bull market will probably be much more expensive since Gwei can skyrocket during this time. Hopefully AAVE price as well. So it seems that all in all, to stack and unstack it takes a full year of fee for someone that wants to provide something like 1000 USD of capital to stacking which is incredibly expensive.

The ABPT stack is extremely expensive as well because wrapping ETH and getting ABP tokens comes at a cost as well…

Is there any plan to make a gas optimization of this part of the protocol so small bags could have access to stacking ?

Is it possible to make stacking available on arbitrum?

There are right now 6 threads posted by Llama regarding the safety module. I recommend reading those to see whats the plan for the future of it, which includes staking.

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