Supply / Borrow & Apy

Hello !

With strategies and loops possible especially with the emode we can supply an asset and with the loop multiply via leverage our supply

The apy displayed is that of all the assets in supply minus all the assets in borrow but it does not represent the apy rebase on only first assets we put in collateral

Do you think it would be interesting to know? And displayed?

Example I have 1 aave & 1 ajax in collateral, I put emode on
I borrow some dai and put it back in collateral, and I make a loop

We imagine that 1 aave = $170 & 1 ajax = 75 $ and that I managed to put more $230 of dai in collateral.

The apy will be calculated on the whole supply aave + ajax “+ dai” minus the apy of the borrow dai

But it is not reduced to the assets that I have supplied in the first place, namely 1 Aave & 1 ajax in this example

I find this an interesting number to know, because if I see that my apy is at 1% when in fact it is 20% if we only consider the assets I put in collateral at the base before the loop, it changes everything