[TEMP CHECK] GHO Stewards AIP-381 Amendment

title: [ARFC] AIP-381 GHO Peg Management Amendment
author: @oneski22
created: 2024-03-08

Per AIP-381 ACI/GHO Stewards are able to increase the GHO interest rate by up to 100bps every 7 days to a maximum of 9.5% if the monthly average price of GHO stays outside a 0,995<>1,005 price range.

In light of evolving market conditions with Maker DSR being set to 15%, and other CDP Protocols following suit, this amendment proposes raising the maximum interest rate ACI/GHO Stewards can target to 20% up from 9.5%, and a maximum 7-day increment up to 250bps, up from 100bps should the monthly average price of GHO stay outside the same range of 0.995<>1.005 USD.


I’m in support of this proposal. The GHO Stewards may need this increased flexibility to manage the GHO peg.

I’m in favor of the proposal but closing this topic until it’s compliant with the [ARFC] ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework

  1. this is compliant with a direct ARFC
  2. Please add necessary missing sections in the proposal (like all of them here lol)
  3. Gho steward V2 is not implemented yet, this proposal if outcome at snapshot stage is YAE this will require changing it’s params, as steward V2 is imminent, it’s unlikely this proposal reach maturity on time and will require a separated update AIP.
  4. however, if snapshot outcome is YAE, this can be included in the "Direct-to-AIP path the ACI currently uses.