[TEMP CHECK] - Incentivized Delegate Campaign (3-month)

The Snapshot election has concluded, and we are pleased to announce the winner: @TokenLogic .

Congratulations to them, and thank you to all candidates who participated in the election.

Delegation Window

During the one-week delegation window that ends on April 17, 2023, at 12 PM EDT, we invite tokenholders to delegate their votes to @TokenLogic 's address:


We will be awarding badges to participating tokenholders as a way to acknowledge their participation.

More details on how to delegate and earn a badge, in our Mirror article:

Election Results

The results are the following:

  • TokenLogic: 185K AAVE (24.94%)
  • StableLab: 146K AAVE (19.7%)
  • Fire Eyes: 105K AAVE (14.12%)
  • Flipside Crypto: 90K AAVE (12.17%)
  • Blockworks Research: 87K AAVE (11.75%)
  • FranklinDAO: 66K AAVE (8.91%)
  • Oxytocin: 31K AAVE (4.11%)
  • ConsenSys: 18K AAVE (2.37%)
  • Curia: 13K AAVE (1.72%)
  • Saludiego201.eth: 437 AAVE (0.06%)
  • Wallfacer Labs: 436 AAVE (0.06%)
  • DAOStewards: 435 AAVE (0.06%)
  • OnChainCoop: 410 AAVE (0.06%).

We have prepared a Flipside dashboard that summarizes the key election metrics:


Caveat: please note that the vote numbers on the dashboard may be slightly inaccurate for some candidates due to a bug that is still being investigated.

We’ll be providing an analysis of voter behavior during the election, later this week.

[EDIT 2023-07-11: new TokenLogic delegation address]