[TEMP-CHECK] Proposing Aave Governance Calls

Aave Governance Call #1 Google Drive video link


  • 06:13 Governance Upgrade and Speaker IntroductionsDiscussion on Aave governance upgrade to V3 and introduction of speakers
  • 09:29 Gauntlet’s Initiatives in Aave CommunityPaul from Gauntlet presents initiatives related to flash loans and GHO peg stability (14:44)
  • 20:11 EzR3aL (delegate) discusses reevaluating the flash loans topic and the market evolution.
  • 24:45 StableLab (delegate) emphasizes the need for a more aggressive integration strategy for GHO.
  • 25:45 Composable Finance on extending GHO to Cosmos/Polkadot through IBC. Edgar and Alex agree on the need for more community engagement and understanding of Composable’s proposal.
  • 33:50 Ori presents the proposal for stablecoin IR curves updates and the recent increase in borrow rates.
  • 39:56 Ori and Alex discuss the general acceptance of proposals by risk analysis providers from the community, with questions of misalignment.
  • 44:11 Alex raises a question regarding flash loan liquidations, specifically about the need for a whitelisting process.
  • 46:16 Meeting Conclusion

Be sure to look out for the next monthly Aave Governance Call in February!