[TempCheck] Empowering Underrepresented Delegates: A Path to Inclusive Decentralisation

Hey @EzR3aL, thanks for the response.
Just like every DAO, Uniswap also had an asymmetry in the token delegated and the active delegates in the DAO. @Kene_StableLab’s team asked the DAO to delegate the UNI tokens from their governance timelock contract to a set of delegates that the DAO has picked. The aim is more inclusion; if you are looking for that proposal specifically then more details are available here.

We appreciate your commitment to AaveDAO and your professionalism,@MarcZeller.

Since the V3 gov update, everyone, including @stani, is asking the community to delegate the tokens to active delegates in the DAO. I think I shouldn’t convince you that a DAO is just an AO without sufficient distribution of decision-making power. It should be in the DAO’s best interest to decentralise.

If this proposal is accepted, the number of Aave tokens participating in governance will increase significantly.

A clarification:
We are not asking for us @DAOplomats to give any tokens; the tokens are always held under the custody of the DAO. We are asking the DAO to open itself to more delegates.

Our most notable contribution to the DAO isn’t the one you have mentioned there, @MarcZeller; it was us trying to introduce some uniformity in the voting as many minor delegates like us (who are not part of the recognised delegates program) can’t keep up the phase of the DAO.

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