Karma forum plugin to streamline delegate activity


AAVE is seeing increased governance participation from various members of the community. Delegates such as @PennBlockchain, Flipside @fig and many have forum threads to post their commitment messages and provide additional context on how/why they voted on proposals in certain way. You can see examples here, here and here for example.

This is extremely valuable to the token holders as it provides visibility into the thought process of their delegates and how they are governing the DAO. While this adds lot of value, there are a few issues:

  • Token holders can’t know who these delegates are, when they joined, what their voting participation is, how much voting power they have and so on.
  • Commitment message and voting reasons are not structured, different delegates use slightly different formats.
  • Token holders can not easily search for delegatse and specific proposals to see how delegates voted.
  • It is cumbersome for delegates to copy proposal link, add reason and format it.
  • This information can not be displayed on other governance tooling websites or even on AAVE’s own website.


We have built a Discourse forum plugin to solve a number of these issues.

  • Anyone can see the governance stats of delegates within the forum. This is being used by ENS DAO today (thanks again ENS for the grant!) and you can see it in action on their forum, example: Profile - nick.eth - ENS DAO Governance Forum


  • To submit delegate pitch, we just implemented a new feature where we have created a form within the forum itself where delegates can input all the info and it will post to the forum and data is exposed through API so anyone can use it.

  • We have another form where delegates can simply choose a proposal and enter the reason and post on their delegate thread. This data is also exposed through API so anyone can easily query this data.


If the community believes this plugin is valuable to the DAO, we would love to get this installed on AAVE governance forum. We will be happy to make more enhancements to the plugin in order to improve the governance process in the DAO.


It makes sense to me to have a plugin with this capabilities on the Aave forum.

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If AAVE community is interested in implementing such, what would be the next steps?

If the community is interested, the next step is to simply install our Discourse forum plugin by forum admins and configure it for AAVE. The plugin code is open source and can be found here. We would be happy to work with the admins to help install the plugin.

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