Use aAAVE to participate to governance

I wonder why it is only possible to participate to the governance with stAAVE and AAVE and not with aAAVE. I personally don’t see why it shouldn’t be the case but I might just be missing the point.

I’d be be happy to learn the rationale for it.



I strongly agree.
I also drafted a proposal about this (datas from feb10)


  • There are 1,464,000 aAAVE on the v1, 2,546 aAAVE on the v2
  • There are 12,360,366 AAVE in circulation
  • This means 11.8% of AAVE in circulation are not allowed to vote
  • AIP#07 registered a record of 579,031 votes (4,69% of circulating supply) made by 62 different addresses


  • Currently, you can vote with : AAVE and stkAAVE.
  • Most users deposit their Aave to increase their collateral position. They are excluded from the voting process. It is a real issue because they represent approximately 11.8% of AAVE stakeholders.
  • I propose to add aAAVE into vote options.
  • Current design has been implemented because of technical simplicity. There is no reason to continue like this. Also AAVE is not able to borrow which avoids double voting problematic.

The goal is to make this post the funding discussion before drafting an AIP.

Add aAAVE into vote options
  • Yes
  • No

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I totally support aAAVE as a voting option, this will bring more token holders involved on the governance