What is your current favorite wallet for AAVE and why?

Hello all,

I am doing research to see what the best wallet might be to use for AAVE that would be safe and that might also be the easiest to use while also offering some kind of phone assistance where I can talk to a person if I need help as I do a loan. Is there one that exists like that while still private and where I hold my keys? Interested to hear what you guys out there are using.

Is there any that I could recommend to someone that is in his 60s and not technical that would be able to figure it out on his or her own or someone they can trust and call from AAVE or the wallet support for help on that?


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For now I am using metamask but I am happy to use the new Aave wallet soon.

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Thanks for your reply! I too like and have used Metamask a lot in the past especially during v1 of AAVE when it first came out a couple of years ago or so.

I thought I’d reply here with an update that you might find interesting here Proposal - AAVE Built in integration on open source/self-custody/privacy focused Edge Wallet where we’re hoping to make AAVE a lot easier and allow users who use that platform with an easy to use wallet that is familiar but with the core value of being open source, private, and self custody. All while also still having phone support where you can still talk to a person if one still needed help.

Hope you enjoy and appreciate any comments on how we can make AAVE better for those that use it already as well as the next wave of new users that jump into crypto.



I thought I’d update here about what we’ve been doing and see what you thought of Edge + AAVE integration. Not yet out live but perhaps you can provide some feedback compared to Metamask?

We also plan to have a dedicated phone # line just for AAVE support (which we already have been doing even if not on Edge through our normal phone lines).