What's next for USDC.e on ARB?

I have recently taken out a loan for USDC.e on Arbitrum V3.

Since then stable borrowing was disabled and USDC.e removed from AAVE.

Now the USDC.e position is frozen and I can’t even repay the loan if I wanted to ?

I hope this situation will be resolved quickly and I want to keep my loan open for a longer period of time than just a couple days. What are the next proposals/Solutions for this ?

I can’t find it anywhere. Ps, I hope this is not next Anchor Protocol. I have been monitoring AAVe for years actively but just recntly I decided to use it and already this problem occured… Thanks

Hey, please see here this thread. You will find your answer here.

It will take 5 days from now till everything will be unlocked again and going back to a normal state.

Im going to close this thread to keep it clean.
Thank you