Why is there no feature to auto-swap supplies to higher LTV, triggered on account health?

What tool are you using? The ones I have seen have very high minimum supply amounts (like $50k).

I asked what tool works with $200 of supply and have gotten no answers/

I doubt most have monitoring tools, given that it was said I’m not the only one that gets liquidated.

You’re pretty demanding, it’s truly comical.

A lot of people will not say it out loud but you’re hugely overestimating your position as a user. In fact, as someone who keeps extremely small positions at an extremely low health factor you’re most definitely more of a risk factor than the average user. In fact, that liquidation yesterday was probably done at a loss, considering market conditions, slippage, transaction cost during congestion, etc.

You add no value to the protocol.

But here you are, thinking that you’re an exception and you had an idea which is the best idea in the world and you’ve been posting (raging) about it in the forum since March and nobody listens to you and you got liquidated again because you took too much risk again and now you’re crying about it AGAIN because you couldn’t even learn from the first time it happened and so on and so forth.

Now, how about you go and do your own research.

Wow total trash “user” is here again.

I don’t hear you disclaiming that you are a stealing liquidator.

You don’t know all my positions OR what I’ve done, lol. I don’t see you doing anything here except creating strawmen that you incessantly argue off-topicly.

If you read the OP, the thread is about auto-swapping low LTV to high LTV on HF, NOT about liquidation. Yet, that’s all you seem to talk about. Not ONE single post about the topic that I can see here.

My guess is that most aave governance people are also liquidators, who have a major conflict of interest by setting totally arbitrary LTV and penalties. LOL

defisaver doesn’t support polygon

it looks like instadapp requests $1000 of supplies or debt (I forget which). I might try it out, but metamask warns about signing their transactions.

You are a sad elitist complaining about “small” accounts, LOL. Get a life, dude.

Also, what do you even care if someone comes here talking about liquidations? FFS.

I use defisaver and instadapp. Yes both require some amounts of money, simply because their contracts use a lot gas as they are quite complex and thus are not recommended for user with smaller positions. I do not know if there is a tool yet for smaller accounts, also havent been looking for. You are claiming that governance people are liquidators, what is this based on? And even if it was the case, there is nothing wrong with that. Anybody can do this. And if you are smart you are following governance decisions and front run. Its open source, everybody can read, so can you do this.

Now stop coming here requesting something like someone is forced to develop this feature. If you are not happy then look for other lending protocols. Last warning, if this thread ends in insulting people without any kind of helpful information im going to close and mute you both for a week.

I’m just looking for an answer to the original question.

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Do you really think this is the correct approach to ask for something to be developed open source? or for ask for anything? You need to rethink your attitude. Double posting “why no one is answering me” is even a strike in many forums, if anything you are being given lot of patience from mods.

Anyways, to address your question, the answer is security. To enable automatic switch of user funds opens a security risk, if there is a bug or a clever exploit all user funds could be drained from the protocol, is not worth it.

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