Why the Silent Alliance? AAVE and Y24.io's Unannounced Partnership

I heard that Y24.io is claiming to integrate with the AAVE protocol, allowing users to lend and borrow funds through their platform. However, I couldn’t find any official announcement from the AAVE protocol confirming this integration. It’s a bit concerning, as Y24.io mentions it in their documentation, but without official backing from AAVE, Y24 mentioned that user of Y24 allowed to lend/borrow funds from the AAVE protocol through y24.io don’t you guys think y24 is trying to creating false hope for its users. It raises questions about the legitimacy of the integration. Can anyone from the AAVE team or AAVE holders confirm this, or is there a potential risk of users being scammed if the integration is not legitimate?

Yes that’s exactly my concern is no announcement from AAVE but on the other hands i can find some plus points of Y24 is that they already have a good presence like listed on CG moreover They didn’t go for launch what if this partnership is true ? so i just want to confirm from the team.

Hello all, there is a post from them on the forum that they received a grant. I asked the responsible person to confirm as i also couldn’t find anything.
So i would suggest to wait till confirmation.

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This “project” spawned from the ground on 17.12. (Domain registration same day) and came out with “partnerships” of some of the biggest DeFi projects out there and CoinMarketCap (?). Their website looks like it was designed by a 5 year old in the early 2000’. It is most definitely a scam. Stay away.

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While it is possible they integrated Aave (anyone can build on top of this) they never received a grant nor was some kind of partnership announced. So DYOR and stay safe.

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LOL yeah the website theme looks quite old but they are listed on CG/Dune and also said they have integrated with top notch DEFI protocols BTW thanks for the suggestions and clear image appreciated


The DAO has not voted any support to this y24 thingy, Avara has not communicated any partnership with this.

Therefore any “partnership” announcement is fake news.

Please refrain from using the governance section of this forum for this kind of messages.

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Its a scam imo. Several bots trying to post the same stuff everyday. Im deleting them all. Closing this thread. Be careful!

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