aAMPL FAQ - Improving UX and decreasing information asymmetry

I’ve seen a significant amount of confusion in the Aave discord, governance forum, and other channels regarding Aave’s Ampl market. Because this market is acts in a notably different way from other markets, i’m seeing a number of folks jumping in, without really understand how the market works. This leads to poor user experience as users receive unpleasant surprises upon realizing that the high APYs associated with this market come with various risks that are not made clear to participants. If you don’t believe me about this, read through the various long threads on this forum regarding the AMPL market there are countless examples of unhappy users who were not given adequate information about the nature of this market. Information about this market is difficult to find, with little indication on the Aave frontend that this market acts differently.

To help inform market participants and improve user experience, I’ve created a FAQ regarding the aAMPL market. This should help address some of the most frequent questions I’ve seen asked, and explain how this market behaves.

I’d like this FAQ to be easy to find, and for that reason I propose a link to this FAQ be included on the Aave frontend for the AMPL market, however I am unsure what the process is to do this, I would appreciate any help in doing this. I am absolutely open to feedback and suggestions on how this FAQ could be improved!

you can find the faq here: AMPL AAVE FAQ - AMPL AAVE FAQ


Thanks for the contribution @Eele and I agree that specially on assets with “complex” dynamics like AMPL, there should be precise explanations on those dynamics.
I think it is a good idea if you coordinate with the active members of the forum threads about AMPL on Aave to have as complete as possible your FAQ and then move it to AMPL on Aave Caveats - Developers, which is clearly insufficient at the moment.
I would say that maybe it is a good idea to include some extra information about the AMPL reserve on the Aave open source UI. Do you have some idea on that?

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